Mega Fresh Water Fish Worldwide

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An adult arapaima fish


Visitors saw a preserved paddlefish at the Yangtze River Fishery Research Institute in Jingzhou, China


This dangerous species lives in China's Yangtze River and ranks the largest freshwater fish in the world. Unfortunately, overfishing and dam construction have decimated paddlefish populations


A pair of Chinese sturgeons swims in the Beijing City Aquarium. Capable of weighing half a ton and growing to 16 feet (5 meters) long, this freshwater leviathan is one of the largest sturgeon species on Earth


A giant barb was caught on the Tonle Sap River near Phnom Penh, Cambodia. There is evidence that the species can reach sizes of 10 feet (3 meters) long and 660 pounds (300 kilograms)


A Cambodian man came face-to-face with a giant barb on the Tonle Sap River near Phnom Penh. Fishermen along the Tonle Sap catch five to ten adult giant barbs each year, making the region one of the last places on Earth to see these impressive fish at their largest


A newborn giant stingray was caught by local fishermen on the Banpakong River near Bangkok, Thailand. The mother stingray measured 14 feet (4 meters) long and weighed from 200 to 300 pounds (90 to 140 kilograms). Scientists hope the presence of a baby and a pregnant mother means the river is a nursery for these freshwater giants


Fish experts believe the giant stingray such as this one in Cambodia's Mekong River, is the largest freshwater species on Earth. This specimen measured more than 13 feet (4 meters) long


Lake sturgeons - the freshwater monsters living in North America's Great Lakes and upper Mississippi River are extremely long-lived. Scientists determined that a specimen caught in Canada in 1953 was 152 years old


Mekong giant catfish is one of the largest fish in the world. This fish this can reach 10 feet (3 meters) long and weigh up to 650 pounds (300 kilograms)


A Cambodian man observed a Mekong giant catfish on the Tonle Sap River



Two boys carried giant river catfish in Cambodia on their shoulder


The giant Eurasian trout, also known as a taimen, is famous for its voracious appetite. This 5-foot (1.5-meter) specimen was found on the banks of the Eg-Uur River in northern Mongolia after killing a 3-foot (1-meter) victim of the same species


Taimen laid their eggs in a nest


The taimen is the world's largest salmonid. Some taimen reach six feet (two meters) long and weigh more than 220 pounds (100 kilograms)





Daniel Lee's "Origin": From Fish to Human


Coi videoclip on youtube ở cuối trang, Từ những con cá bự biến thành người ??? 


Daniel Lee is not an expert in evolutionary theory. However, he has got ideas about where we came from. An endangered species of fish that has survived since prehistoric times gave Lee a starting point for his most recent series of photographs named “Origin”. The “Origin” defines human evolution from a coelacanth to something of reptile and on to an ape and then a human based on the artist’s imagination. It took three photo shoots, using three different cameras before Lee began working in Photoshop. First, he photographed a dead bluefish he picked up from an Italian market in New York City. Next, Lee photographed a male model in various crouching and squatting positions. Finally, to photograph an animal-like furriness, Lee substituted his nearly hairless model with a more hirsute one.



The photo of a coelacanth


When the fish becomes an amphibian animal, its fins begin transforming into limbs.



The fish looks like a type of prehistoric reptile in this period.



The limbs are formed more and more clearly.


“Origin” was a series of manipulated photo images and a short piece of digital animation created by Lee in 1999


Daniel Lee, 54 years old, worked with Photoshop at his New York studio combining various pieces of the photos to create the series.



In this stage, hair of the animal-like reptile begins to appear.



The animal looks like a monkey in this period.


Hair gradually disappeared.


The tail becomes shorter and shorter


And a man appears




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